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AFGHANISTAN PREMIER LEAGUE (APL) Live | ژوندی بنه | پخش زنده

Afghanistan Premier League APL :

The Afghan Premier League (APL) also known as Roshan Afghan Premier League for sponsorship reasons,[1] is a professional men’s soccer league run by the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF). It is the country’s primary competition for the sport.

The competition commenced in September 2012. The league is currently contested by eight teams. Seasons run from September to October followed by a Finals Series involving the top two highest-placed teams in each of the two tables of four teams. Successful Afghan Premier League clubs gain qualification into the continental competition, the AFC Cup and the Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup.

Since the league’s inaugural season, a total of three clubs have been crowned Afghan Premier League champions. Shaheen Asmayee F.C. have the record of 4 premier league titles, the most a team has won. They are also the current champions winning 2–1 in the 2016 Afghan Premier League Final against De Maiwand Atalan F.C..


5 October 201820:00 (D/N)Kabul Zwanan vs Paktia Panthers
6 October 201816:00 (D/N)Kandahar Kings vs Nangarhar Leopards
6 October 201820:00 (D/N)Balkh Legends vs Kabul Zwanan
7 October 201816:00 (D/N)Nangarhar Leopards vs Paktia Panthers
7 October 201820:00 (D/N)Balkh Legend vs Kandahar Kings
9 October 201820:00 (D/N)Kabul Zwanan vs Nangarhar Leopards
10 October 201820:00 (D/N)Balkh Legends vs Paktia Panthers
11 October 201816:00 (D/N)Kabul Zwanan vs Kandahar Kings
11 October 201820:00 (D/N)Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards
12 October 201816:00 (D/N)Kandahar Kings vs Paktia Panthers
12 October 201820:00 (D/N)Kabul Zwanan vs Nangarhar Leopards
13 October 201816:00 (D/N)Balkh Legends vs Paktia Panthers
13 October 201820:00 (D/N)Kandahar Kings vs Nangarhar Leopards
14 October 201816:00 (D/N)Balkh Legends vs Kabul Zwanan
14 October 201820:00 (D/N)Nangarhar Leopards vs Paktia Panthers
16 October 201820:00 (D/N)Kabul Zwanan vs Kandahar Kings
17 October 201816:00 (D/N)Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards
17 October 201820:00 (D/N)Kandahar Kings vs Paktia Panthers
18 October 201816:00 (D/N)Balkh Legends vs Kandahar Kings
18 October 201820:00 (D/N)Kabul Zwanan vs Paktia Panthers
19 October 201820:00 (D/N)Semi Final 1
20 October 201820:00 (D/N)Semi Final 2
21 October 201820:00 (D/N)Final





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