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Arezo Live TV

Arezo tv Live:

Arezo tv ” تلویزیون آرزو ” made its first debut to Mazar-e-Sharif’s residents’ houses as a local television network on March twenty first, 2007.

After a short time, the television network made its manner to satellite broadcasting to the vicinity together with net and Jadoo broadcastings which can be now reachable international. The Arezo global network is an independent, not dependent to any political party in any respect, and is founded by Kamal Nabizada, an Afghan businessman.

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  1. Mohammad Rahim Rasekh

    Hello dears, I really appreciate what you do here. I tried to watch Areso TV but it does not stream for I do not know what reason. Would you do something to fix it. I really want to watch the New Year Eve’s celebration.
    Thank you very much.

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