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ifilm Live Tv -پخش زنده شبکه آی‌فیلم

Persian iFilm 1

iFilm DARI 2


iFilm LIVE TV:

iFilm TV (Persian: [ˈaifiːlm], Arabic: [ˈaifilm, ˈaifiːlm]), also known as iFilm TV, is an Iranian entertainment network which consists of three channels in English, Arabic and Persian. The network was launched on September 9, 2010 . The original purpose of the channel is to present Iranian films and series to the global audience.

In 2013, iFilm started an additional channel, broadcasting all content dubbed in English.[2] In July 2013, iFilm and other Iranian channels were removed from several European and American satellites (amongst others those of Eutelsat and Intelsat), allegedly because of the Iran sanctions, even though an EU spokesman told the channel that these sanctions do not apply to media.[3]

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