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About Meli sport :

Afghan television was launched on 19 August 1978, Afghan Independence Day, in a ceremony headed by Nur Muhammad Taraki. Since the beginning its broadcasts were in colour.[1]

In 1983 three new stations were commissioned in Kandahar, Jalalabad and Herat, however they started its broadcasts some months later. On 2 January 1985 the broadcasts started in Jalalabad while a new station in Badakhshan Province finished its construction. On 3 February 1985 a new station opened in Ghazni,[2] while the same month the broadcasts started in Kandahar and Herat.[3]

During the Taliban regime, Afghanistan National Television Meli sport ceased operations when television was banned, and on 8 July 1998 they ordered the destruction of all TV sets.[4][5] After the Taliban were overthrown, television in Afghanistan restarted on 18 November 2001.[6]

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